“Gardening for God: Plant Sales as Church Fundraising Ventures”

Small churches do big things. They’re home base for all kinds of community gatherings and events! To support your community, you first need a strong financial foundation. From funding mission trips to furthering the education of your youth, raising money is vital to support your church’s mission and operations. 

Not only do fundraisers help you continue making a difference in people’s lives, but they can also be a great opportunity to build a stronger community within your church. Encouraging your members to work together to support your church’s goals will take your congregants’ bond beyond simple Sunday morning greetings. 

Raising money to support church fundraising ideas projects, groups, and programs can church fundraising ideas  tough, especially with a small congregation. But putting on a small church fundraiser is different than most other kinds of fundraising! 

Having fundraisers that happen outside of Sunday morning services helps fund important church activities. First, here’s a few tips to help prevent over-burdening your members.

A short message about tithes and offerings is pretty standard before the Sunday morning collection is taken up. But talking extensively about church fundraising activities aside from the Sunday offering can overwhelm your members. Worse, it could make members skeptical about giving at all. 

Instead, consider including announcements about various fundraising activities in the announcements church fundraising ideas or after the service begins. If your church uses bulletins, list upcoming fundraisers there! You can also make announcements in other places, like small groups, Wednesday-night church, Bible studies, and other gatherings. 

The Key to Small Church Fundraisers 

Your members give a lot of time, money, and talent to your church. Offering fundraisers that have value for the donors, as well as the church, will help prevent burnout. 

Your members put a lot of time, effort, and money into supporting your church. Many churches worry about over-burdening their members by asking for additional support. The secret to church fundraising ideas money for important programs without alienating members is to offer fundraisers that are valuable to the people who support them. 

So, how do you get people to participate in your fundraising efforts? You’ll need to plan engaging events and campaigns your members will be excited about. Here are a few fundraising ideas to take your fundraising beyond your offering plates.

1. Babysitting nights 

Parents and guardians often put off self-care or important errands because finding a reliable babysitter is time-consuming and expensive. Putting on a babysitting fundraiser helps you raise money for a good program and offers a valuable service to grownups who need it! 

Nursery workers, teenage babysitters, and members with childcare experience volunteer to watch kids for a few hours, and grownups make a donation in exchange for a few church fundraising ideas of childcare. The volunteers raise money for their groups, the grownups have some time to themselves, and kids have a chance to play with their friends. 

This idea can also be paired with a number of other fundraising event possibilities like movie nights, lock-ins (for older students), and other childcare activities. And with remote learning still in full swing, you can bet grownups would be willing to pay big bucks for a little extra help with school projects! 

2. Hold a work-a-thon 

Walk-a-thons are a staple of schools and nonprofits all over the country. But work-a-thons are a little different. Workers (they don’t have to be students!) collect pledges in return for participating in a big community service day. On the day of the event, church fundraising ideas of participants gather supplies and head out to do work around their neighborhoods; they could do yardwork for older church members, housework or painting for people with disabilities in your community, or even make repairs around the church itself. 

In the age of COVID-19, there are even more ways and reasons to host such a fundraiser. Do you have older members of your congregation who are concerned about doing their own shopping? Do you have members who need help familiarizing themselves with Zoom, Slack, and other now-must-have office tools? Or, with renewed interest in old school hobbies like gardening, breadmaking, and woodworking, do you have members who could donate their time to teach these skills? 

Work-a-thons make for a great way for your congregants to raise funds while sharing their gifts with church fundraising ideas in your community! People who donate to this fundraiser know they’re supporting church programs and get a chance to give much-needed services to friends, family, and community members. It’s a wonderful fundraising tactic that raises money and gets church members involved in community outreach. 

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